Tour to the Canal and its three Locks (Full day)

Tour to the Canal and its three Locks (Full day)

Meet the three locks that connect the largest ships between the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

*Lunch Inclusive.

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Fascinating tour out of the city of Panama towards the city of Colon, a ride that will allow you to be in 2 oceans the same day. We’ll visit the locks of Agua Clara and watch the boats coming from the Atlantic and head towards the Pacific. These boats are lifted at 26 meters above sea level; navigate through the Gatun Lake to reach the Pedro Miguel Locks, in this sluice boats are lowered about 8 meters at the level of the Miraflores Lake, separating the two sets of locks on the Pacific side. Then the boat will be at the level of the Pacific Ocean to reach its final destiny. On this tour you can visit the 3 locks, Gatun, Pedro Miguel and Miraflores, making simultaneous car stops for each of these areas. You will really enjoy each of these creations of modern engineering. (Lunch inclusive)

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