Tour to the Canal ( ½ Day)

Tour to the Canal ( ½ Day)

Half day on a tour full of history and emblematic places of the capital city.

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You can learn about the history of the Panama Canal, about their construction, how their gates work, the technology that was used at the time the Canal was built, etc. You can watch live transit of ships through the locks of Miraflores where you´ll know the true story about all the process. At the end of this visit we will go to the Theater to see a documentary about the full transit of vessels. We’ll continue the journey to the area of greatest tourist development of the city, Amador, where we’ll see the Figali Convention Center, Restaurants area, the Bio Museum (built by the great Canadian architect Frank Gheri) and the Causeway of Amador where an excellent view of the entrance to the Canal can be seen.

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