General Information: Republic of Panama

The Republic of Panama is located in the center of the Western Hemisphere. Bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea, east with the Republic of Colombia, on the south by the Pacific Ocean and west by the Republic of Costa Rica. Panama is the link between Central America and South America, being an isthmus of 80 km. wide in its narrowest section.

  • Official Name: República de Panamá.Capital: Ciudad de Panamá.National Bird: The Harpy Eagle symbolizes the pride and strength of the people in the Isthmus in pre-Columbian times.
  • The flower of the Holy Spirit is the National Flower of Panama, its scientific name is Periferia Elata. It is characterized by being an Orchid of intense ivory colored petals, embellishments in the center of its libel with a well-defined and delicate dove which blooms in the months of July to October.
  • The National Symbols are: The Hymn, the Flag and the Coat of Arms.
  • Land area, Population and Density: 75,517 km2, 3 million and a half of habitants. Political Division: 9 provinces and 5 counties.
  • Government: Constitutional democracy, centralist Republic.
  • Language: the official language is Spanish, however, many Panamanians speak English or other languages.
  • Weather: Panama is a Tropical Weather country and the temperature is usually constant throughout the year. Its seasons are divided into dry and rainy season.
  • Religion: There is absolute freedom of Religion in Panama. Most Panamanians are Catholics. However, due to the great diversity in the country, there are numerous churches, temples and synagogues.

Panamá means in indigenous language: Plenty of Fish, Butterflies and Trees

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